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Last Updated: 1/4/2021 1:12 PM

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NOTE: All information/activities have been developed according to current guidance from state and federal authorities and remain subject to adjustments based upon new government orders/guidelines. Additional details will be forthcoming regarding if or how these anticipated events will take place.


Westerville City Schools 2020-2021 School Year Calendar

First Period             8/20/20 - 10/14/20
10-Aug  Westerville Educator Day (No Student Instruction)
Aug 11-14  Teacher Workday (No Student Instruction)
Aug 17-19  Teacher Workday (No Student Instruction)
Aug 20-21 The first day of Remote Instruction for all students will be August 20. On that day, and also on August 21, students will receive important details about the upcoming school year, what to expect during online learning, and how to get support when needed.

All students who are NOT in the Westerville Virtual Academy will continue to receive remote instruction according to the district’s Remote Learning Plan. When health conditions improve and Blended Learning begins, students would receive their instruction according to an “A Week/B Week” schedule (available for download to the right). Half of the students would attend school in person, while the other half would receive remote instruction for the week. Students would continue following the alternating “A Week/B Week” schedule moving forward. 

1-Sep  Instruction begins for students in Westerville Virtual Academy
7-Sep  Labor Day (No School/Instruction)
21-Sep WCSD begins transition to Blended Learning Model of Instruction. CLICK HERE for the Blended Learning Transition Calendar, access the 2020-21 A-Week/B-Week calendar link to the right-hand side of this page, and read the press release announcing the phase-in plan.
14-Oct  Last Day of Instruction for First Grading Period
Second Period         10/15/20 - 12/18/20
15-Oct  First Day of Instruction for Second Grading Period
16-Oct  Central OEA/NEA Day (No School/Instruction)
3-Nov  Westerville Educator Day (No School/Instruction)
Nov 23-24 All students on Remote Instruction
25-Nov  No School/Instruction
Nov 26-27  Thanksgiving Break (No School/Instruction)
18-Dec  Last Day of Classes for Second Grading Period
Dec 21-Jan 1  Winter Break (No School/Instruction)
4-Jan  Teacher Workday (No School/Instruction)
Third Period            1/5/21 - 3/12/21
5-Jan  Classes/Instruction resume -- start of Third Grading Period (All Students on Remote Instruction through at least 1/14/21) 
15-Jan  No School/Instruction
18-Jan  Martin Luther King Day (No School/Instruction)
12-Feb  No School/Instruction
15-Feb  Presidents Day (No School/Instruction)
12-Mar  Last Day of Classes for Third Grading Period
Fourth Period          3/15/21 - 5/26/21
15-Mar  First Day of Classes for Fourth Grading Period
Mar 29-Apr 5  Spring Break (No School/Instruction)
26-May  Last Day of Classes for Fourth Grading Period)
27-May  Teacher Professional Day (No School/Instruction)
29-May  Commencement: Ohio Expo/Celeste Center
31-May  Memorial Day (No School/Instruction)


UPDATED - One Hour Early Release/Professional Development: The dates of Sep 24, Nov 12, Jan 28, Mar 11 had originally been announced as early release dates. Under traditional school year operations, students would be released from school one hour earlier than normal dismissal times to allow for staff professional development. While operating under Blended Learning, students will not be released and will complete their full day of learning. Staff will still participate in professional learning once the student day has ended.

Parent-Teacher Conference/Comp Days:  Currently scheduled for September 18 (no school, high school only); October 29 (no school, elementary only); October 30 (no school, elementary and middle school only); February 19 (no school, middle school and high school only).

Grade Cards: Grade cards will be available in PowerSchool according to the following schedule 

October 23, 2020: 1st Quarter -- all grade levels
January 8, 2021: 2nd Quarter -- all grade levels
March 23, 2021: 3rd Quarter -- all grade levels
May 26, 2021: 4th Quarter -- elementary
June 10, 2021: 4th Quarter -- middle & high schools

Please note that the dates and/or use of Early Release and Parent-Teacher Conference/Comp Days are subject to change.