Speech Arts 1  

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Welcome to Mrs. Erlinger's Speech Arts 1 class! You can find daily agendas and homework assignments below.

Textbooks will be checked out to students for the duration of the semester. Students may leave textbooks in Mrs. Erlinger's classroom or they may leave them in their locker and bring them to class each day. Regardless of the student's choice, he or she is responsible for the book that is checked out to him/her.

  • 11 January
  • 10 January
    1. Discuss JFK Speech Analysis 

    2. Check out textbooks and Post Its with name - check out barcoded books and record non-barcoded books on roster - pile in designated area 

      1. Meanwhile, work on Vocal Delivery Notes

    3. Distribute Poetry Out Loud Introductory Information and read aloud


  • 9 January

    1. Parent forms turned in 

    2. Add on one-word speeches 

    3. Today’s topic: good speaker vs. things that detract 

      1. List on board: qualities of a good speech, qualities of a good speaker, things that detract - TAKE NOTES! 

    4. JFK Inaugural Address transcript - read background information aloud, the listen

    5. HW: Speech Analysis sheet

  • 8 January

    No School - Snow Day

  • 7 January

    1. Stuff to turn in? Place in turn-in-tray

    2. Guest from OU

    3. Finish up One-word speeches

    4. Finish going over syllabus 

    5. Questions for Erlinger from GTKY and a little about me 

    6. Prezi - 10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking
  • 4 January
    1. Stuff to turn in? Place in turn-in tray

    2. One-word speeches

    3. Questions over syllabus - discuss / ask about key items 


  • 3 January

    1. First Day Slides /userfiles/3843/my files/first day.ppt (1).pdf?id=565962

    2. Syllabus / rules / letter /userfiles/3843/my files/speech syllabus.doc (1).pdf?id=565965

      1. Read and bring questions for tomorrow

      2. Parent form BY MONDAY

    3. Get-To-Know-You packet - due TOMORROW  /userfiles/3843/my files/speech get to know you survey speech.doc (1).pdf?id=565964

    4. One-word speech - due TOMORROW /userfiles/3843/my files/one word.doc.pdf?id=565963

    5. Time to begin HW

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