Journalism 2/3  
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Daily agendas
  • Aug. 24

    Hope - layout and AP

    Shirt information and polling - tabled until next week

  • Aug. 23

    Iyaas - ethics, story types, tips and tricks - took only 15-20 minutes, so…

    Opened up for tips and tricks from others, as well as questions from others

  • Aug. 22

    1. Hope and Ilyaas - T-shirt info.

    2. TEDTalk “The Danger of a Single Story”

      1. partner task 

      2. hands down questioning and discussion

  • Aug. 21

    1. Brainstorm labels that are applied to you 

    2. List potential single stories people might create about you based on labels 

    3. Watch Chimamanda Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story”

      1. Listen and record the main points that Adichie makes.

  • Aug. 20

    Editorial board icebreaker: Mafia

  • Aug. 17

    1. Turn in info. packet

    2. Continue This or that

    3. Icebreaker - editorial board will lead

  • Aug. 16

    1. Intros - Erlinger, then students

    2. Name sticks

    3. Staff member information packet /userfiles/3843/my files/staff member information packet.pdf?id=564304

      • New members and editorial board meet briefly in hall

      • Editorial board briefly meet in hall

    4. This or That /userfiles/3843/my files/first day and this-that-windows personalized.pdf?id=564298

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