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        Exploring Matter
        Students enjoy the small group instruction offered by Otterbein
        Otterbein Students Experience 4th Graders for the First Time
        Genoa Middle School Students bring experience and advice each Thursday and Friday.
        Middle School Mentors
        Volcanoes Erupt
        Students explore the properties of matter.
        Density Lab 2013
        4th Graders explore the slow process that change our Earth
        Highbanks 2012-2013
        Data Projects
        Math Activities 2013
        Mr. Fundy
        Lawerence Funderburke Visits Fouse
        4th Graders Practice Linear Measurement Skills
        Spring Measurement 2013
        April 2013 Buddies 135-0.jpg
        Kindergarten Buddies 2013
        4th Graders enjoy reading poetry to their kindergarten friends.
        Kindergarten Buddies 2013
        Statehouse Germination Lab Weather Projects 029.jpg
        Plant Germination Lab
        Statehouse Germination Lab Weather Projects 056.jpg
        Statehouse 2013
        The Parts of a Flower 016.jpg
        Parts of a Flower 2013
        Plants and the Scientific Method 044.jpg
        Plants and the Scientific Method 2013
        April 2013 010-0.jpg
        Eyerman/Huston Math and Science 2013
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