Gradual Implementation of All-Day Kindergarten in Westerville to Begin in August

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Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, families in the Westerville City School District will have, for the first time, the opportunity to enter their kindergartner’s name in a lottery which will determine placement in All-Day kindergarten.  Up to 260 students will fill All-Day seats in 10 classrooms, four of which will be held at Longfellow Elementary School, which has been closed since June 2012.  The remaining six classes will take place in elementary buildings throughout the district that have available space.  Tuition of $300 per month will be charged.  The district will utilize a sliding fee scale for low income families to provide all students an equal opportunity to participate.  The curriculum will be the same that is used in the current Half-Day program, but with more time for delivery; time for early intervention; time to practice new skills; and time for free play and socialization.

Enrollment for all kindergarten students will take place in March.  An online application for the All-Day Kindergarten Lottery will be available in March, the lottery will be held in April, and parents will be notified of the lottery outcome in May.

Plans for expansion of All-Day kindergarten are also being made.  Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, All-Day kindergarten will be offered in Westerville’s magnet schools and additional classes will open up as determined by community need and available space.  It is anticipated that at least 338 All-Day kindergarteners will be served during that school year.

The Westerville school community has been having conversations about All-Day kindergarten programming since 2009.  Westerville currently educates approximately 900 kindergarten pupils in Half-Day programs.  Forty Half-Day classes are offered in 20 kindergarten classrooms with 20 teachers. 

Approximately 71 percent of Ohio kindergarten students attend All-Day kindergarten programs, and about 76 percent of kindergarten students nationwide attend school all day.  “I’m delighted that we will finally be able to bring this exciting option to families in our community,” said Barbara Wallace, Executive Director Elementary Academic Affairs.  “All-Day kindergarten is an excellent way for young children to begin their educational journey.”

All-Day kindergarten details will be forthcoming on the Westerville City School District’s website,