Pastries for PAWS Breakfast Inaugurated at Walnut Springs Middle School

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On Friday morning, March 18, Walnut Springs Middle School families and staff gathered to recognize 42 outstanding individuals.  These students were invited to the first ever Pastries for PAWS breakfast.  Teachers were able to nominate a single student to recognize for demonstrating PAWS behavior.  These students show they are Positive, Accountable, Willing, and Safe each day. 

Sixth grade pupils honored were Ellie Bernard, Grace Campbell, Lillie Hammer, Joseph Huitron, Christian Hunt, Hannah Hutto, Jamie Kimbler, Amber Nitrauer, Gwyneth Payton, Ella Saxton, Mary Tenney, and Nicholas Tener.

Seventh grade breakfast recipients were Ayan Ahmed, Joella Akomeah, Khyriesha Bartholomew, Leslie Boakye, Tiera Fisher, Colin Hudnell, Andilyn McCallum, Elizabeth McWhorter, Evan McWhorter, Grace Martin, Danah Mousa, Istbraq Mubarak, and William Nonato-Trejo.

Eighth grade honorees were Sarah Ahmed, Allison Balasico, Jude Boateng, Marilyn Diaz, Alfred Hewlitt, Andrea Garcia Duran, Matthew Love, Roseanna Mark, Haneen Nasir, Jack Newman, Ayan Osman, Chance Price, Layla Saleh, Scott Smith, Diamon Strickland, Owen Thompson, and Mia Yin.