WSHS Athletic Boosters Meeting Minutes


WSHS Athletic Boosters Meeting
September 12, 2011

Board Members in Attendance: Cathy Noskowiak, Lanny Ross, Jackie Levakis, Mike Migliore, Scott Dorne, Gloria Wood, Amy Migliore, Sharon Imondi, and Cathy Siedlak

Board Members not in attendance: Dena Robinson, Sharon Linkhorn

Parents in attendance: Joyce Michael, Laura Cheilis, Bridget Aiello, Kimi Dodds, Deb Abner, Lynn Mitchell, Andi Arens, Rebekah Carlisle, Diane Hildebrand, Shelly Roth, Lorna Gerhart, Sharon Hays, Anne Larkins, Carla Tedeschi, Carole Thune, Dwayne McDonald

Additional Attendees: Jim Gaul, Bill Yeager

Teams not represented:

1. Call to order:
- Cathy Noskowiak called the meeting to order at 7:02

2. Fundamental Unique Products and Gifts-
- Bill Yaeger gave a presentation to boosters on possible items his company could sale with the Westerville South Logo. Contact Information is:; 614-202-7832. His products can be viewed at
- Motion Westerville South Boosters will do business with Bill Yeager and Just Fundamental Gifts with 15% of profit going to WSAB. Made by Cathy Seidlak, second by Carol Thune.

3. Reading and approval of minutes:
- Motion made by Amy Migliore, Second by Duane McDonald, Passed Unanimously

4. Reading and approval of treasurer’s report (year end and through August 1)
- Motion made by Lynn Mitchell, Second by Lanny Ross, Passed Unanimously

5. Committee

- Still need a volunteer to take over fundraising.
See Cow plop Info below

- Going Well. Have most machines repaired and up and running.
- Duane McDonald donated an oven to the east concession stand.
- Motion: A committee will be formed to look into the Exhaust System for the West Concession Stand. Motion made by Deb Abner, Second by Cathy Seidlak, Passed unanimously. Committee Members are: Mike Wood, Dewey Akers, Coach Gaul, Duane McDonald.

Scholar Athlete: Members looked at two different types of scholar athlete pins to be ordered. Voted 18-5 to order an enamel pin.
- 1000 Scholar Athlete Pins will be ordered immediately; so, pins can be presented at the end of the Fall Sport season. Motion made by Carol Thune, Second by Joyce Michael, Passed Unanimously

Parent Coordinator:
- Everything going well, only one group did not show to work a soccer game.
- Points Reported, See attached point sheet

Membership: (Absent)
- No Report Given

6. Old Business:

- Texas Hold Em Deb Abner, Chair gave the following report
- River Club operated by Sean Snow will be running the event at Gordy’s on Dec. 3. We are hoping to make $3-4000 on the event. Cash Game will start early. There will be two tournaments. The first starting at 12:00, the second at 5:00. Cost is $400.00 for the vendor we are getting a $150.00 discount because we are not using his tables, but the River Club is responsible for chips, cards, training and running of the event. Payout is 10% of the buy in with 5 winners per session. We will need 25 volunteers per session with the coaches serving as dealers at one of the sessions. Committees have been formed for volunteers, communication, food, etc.

7. New Business
- Discussed Constitution, Bylaws and organizational chart. Old constitution is out of date and needs to be revamped.
- A committee was formed to update the constitution and bylaws of the Westerville South Athletic boosters. The members are: Lynn Mitchell, Lanny Ross, Scott Dorne, Diane Hildebrand, Chair Mike Migliore.

8. Athletic Director’s Report
- The pavers will be on the wall by Homecoming if everything goes as planned.
- Homecoming game will be on September 23 and the Homecoming winners will be announced during the game.

9. Additional Discussions:
- None

10. Adjourned meeting at 8:55.

Important Dates:
- October 3, 2010 Booster meeting at 7:00, Texas Hold Em Committee at 6:00
- December 3, 2011 Texas Hold’em Tournament
Spring Physicals May 15, 2012