WSHS Athletic Boosters Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2011

Board Members in Attendance: Cathy Noskowiak, Jackie Levakis, Mike Migliore, Scott Dorne, Marlene Smith, Gloria Wood, Amy Migliore, Sharon Linkhorn, Dena Robinson, Sharon Imondi, and Cathy Siedlak

Board Members not in attendance: None

Parents Liasions in attendance: Joyce Michael, Laura Cheilis, Bridget Aiello, Kimi Dodds, Deb Abner, Lynn Mitchell, Andi Arens, Rebekah Carlisle, Diane Hildebrand, Shelly Roth, Lorna Gerhart, Sharon Hays, Anne Larkins, Carla Tedeschi, Carol Thune, Dwayne McDonald

Additional Attendees: Jimmy Gaul, Jim Gaul, Rick Bannister, Seth Bumgart, Lisa Adkins, Misty Wendell, Charles Morris

Teams not represented: All present

1. Call to order:
- Cathy Noskowiak called the meeting to order at 6:50.

2. Motion: Changed the order of agenda for Texas Hold’Em, Athletic Director Report, and Draw to be go first; so, all who are interested in leaving and attending the meeting at North High School at 7:30 may do so.
-Motion made by Lynn Mitchell, second by Cathy Seidlak, Passed unanimously

3. Texas Hold’Em Report--
- Training will be held for dealers on November20th and November 28th. We still need volunteers and two liter drinks. Please keep spreading the information to your friends and family.
- Introduction of new Fundraising Chair, Marlene Smith
aring good things about budget cuts. I expect the cuts to be made.

5. Winter Spring Draw—

-Papers and numbers were handed out. Draw was held from 7:10 to 7:30.

6. Reading and approval of minutes:
- Motion made by Lynn Mitchell, Second by Bridget Aiello, Passed Unanimously

7. Reading and approval of treasurer’s report
- Motion made by Lynn Mitchell, Second by Cathy Seidlak, Passed Unanimously

8. Committee
- All Going well. Things are ready for basketball and winter season.

Scholar Athlete:
- Fall scholar athlete pins are being passed out to recipients.

Parent Coordinator:
- Held winter draw earlier.
- Point report will be attached to the minutes up to October 27th.

- No Report

9. Old Business:

- Constitution, By-Laws and Organizational chart committee have not met yet.

10. New Business
- No new buisness

11. Additional Discussions:
- none

10. Adjourned meeting at 8:25.

Important Dates:
- December 5,. 2011 Booster meeting at 7:00
- December 3, 2011 Texas Hold Em Tournament at Gordy’s upstairs
Spring Physicals Tuesday May 15, 2012