WSHS Athletic Boosters Meeting 
May 7, 2012

Board Members in Attendance: Cathy Noskowiak, Lanny Ross, Mike Migliore, Jackie Levakis,  Scott Dorne, Amy Migliore, Sharon Imondi, and Cathy Siedlak

Board Members not in attendance:  Dena Robinson, Sharon Linkhorn

Liaison in attendance: Joyce Michaels, Kimi Dodds, Deb Abner, Lynn Mitchell, Andi Arens, Diane Davis, Shelly Roth, Ellen Gannon, Fred Larkins, Carla Tedeschi, Duane McDonald, Wendy Lomano
Additional Attendees:

Teams not represented:  Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Girls Golf, Swimming, Boys and Girls Track (athletic event), volleyball

  1. Call to order: 
  2. Cathy Noskowiak called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


2.  Reading and approval of minutes:

  1. Motion made by Amy Migliore, Second by Cathy Seidlak, Passed Unanimously

3.  Reading and approval of treasurer’s report  

  1. Motion made by Carla Tedeschi, second by Wendy Lomano

 4. Committee

  1. No Report


  1. Concessions are running fairly well.  We had one event where no workers showed up.  Someone needs to think about taking over next year or we need to look at the format for running concessions beginning in the fall.

Scholar Athlete:  

  1. Scholarship recipients have been selected and will be announced at Night of Honors.
  2. Cards for academic pins have arrived and pins will be ready for Spring Banquets.

Parent Coordinator:

  1. Points have been tallied and will be given to the athletic director by May 24th.  A final tally will be given to all coaches at their end of year coaches meeting.
  2. We still need volunteers for the May district track meet on May 15, 16 and 19th. 


  1. No Report
  2. Physical night will be on May 24th.


5.   Old Business: 

  1. Lynn Mitchell passed out a copy of the old constitution and bylaws for everyone to look at.  Highlighted some areas that may need to be deleted. 
  2. Scott Dorne mentioned that he attended a meeting at OHSSA about constitution and bylaws and that he would be receiving a copy of a format to follow. 
  3. A question was asked about teams that have small parent organizations that are raising money for teams but not maintaining their teams account through the booster organization and what they should be doing to pass an IRS audit.  The response being that they need to be filing all necessary paper work for a nonprofit organization or they will not pass an IRS audit.  And the parents running these organizations will be responsible for illegally representing themselves as a nonprofit organization.  Teams can deposit there money into the booster account and it will be kept in a separate line item account that can not be spent by anyone but the team that raised the money.

6.   New Business
 -   Membership/Physicals are May 15th.

  1. Elections were held.  Results are as follows:

President- Cathy Noskowiak
Vice-President- Lanny Ross
Treasurer-Mike Migliore
Secretary-Jackie Levakis
Fundraising-Marlene Smith
Coaches Liaison-No longer needed
Corresponding Secretary-Wendy Lomano
Membership-Lynn Mitchell
Parent Volunteer-Sharon Imondi
Scholar Athlete-Cathy Seidlak
Motion made by Deb Abner; Second by Cathi Seidlak
Passed Unanimously with discussion on how to handle getting concessions covered.
7.    Athletic Director’s Report

  1. Participation fees will be $240.00 for the school year 2012-13.
  2. On May 20th the Westerville Athletic/Extracurricular committee will meet in the Westerville South Media Center at 7:00.  They are sponsoring a golf tournament on July 16th and would like for each team to a get a foursome together to make this event a success.  They are also going to raffle a car and do other fundraisers to raise large amounts of money.  There goal is to  give each athletic office their operating money back this year and to work on lowering participation fees.
  3. Coaches have been hired in areas needing new coaches except girls tennis.  Still looking for someone to take the position.

9.    Additional Discussions:

  1. Concession core workers were discussed.  Diane Davis wants to be trained as a core worker.

10.  Meeting adjourned at 8:49.
 Important Dates:

  1. June 4, 2012                      Booster meeting at 7:00
Spring Physicals                        Tuesday May 15, 2012