WSHS Athletic Boosters Meeting Minutes

WSHS Athletic Boosters Meeting
March 13, 2012

Board Members in Attendance: Cathy Noskowiak, Lanny Ross, Scott Dorne, Marlene Smith, Amy Migliore, Dena Robinson, Sharon Imondi, and Cathy Siedlak

Board Members not in attendance: Mike Migliore, Jackie Levakis, Sharon Linkhorn

Liaison in attendance: Laura Cheilis, Bridget Aiello, Kimi Dodds, Deb Abner, D. Haney, Shelly Roth, Diane Hildebrand, Shelly Roth, Ellen Gannon, Lorna Gerhart, Fred Larkins, Carla Tedeschi, Duane McDonald

Additional Attendees:

Teams not represented: Baseball, Football, Girls Golf, Swimming, Boys and Girls track, Volleyball (no signature on sign in sheet)

1. Call to order:
- Cathy Noskowiak called the meeting to order at 7:00

2. Reading and approval of minutes:
- Motion made by Bridget Aiello, Second by Amy Migliore, Passed Unanimously

4. Reading and approval of treasurer’s report
- Amy Migliore presented report for Mike Migliore
- Kroger reward check received in the amount of $953.06. Please update your cards at Kroger.
- Motion made by Carla Tedeschi, second by Bridget Aiello

5. Committee

- Five Guys Burgers and Fries donated $53.00 in January and $48.00 in February. This fundraising event occurs the first Thursday of every month. Looking for other restaurants to do the same type of fund raiser, such as, City Barbecue, etc.
- Thinking about a Mothers Day out type of activity. Where gifts of massages, manicures could be bought for gifts.
- OSU participants earned $50.80 per game. This money has been dispersed into the team accounts. Looking for other opportunities similar to this.

- Mike and Gloria Woods have resigned. The board thanks them for all of their hard work. They will be missed. They have asked that the balance of this year and last year money since it was not awarded last year be given to track in honor of all of the hard work and support Jim and Jimmy have given concessions. Total $1775.00
- Jackie Levakis with core workers will manage concessions through spring events. All banks accept one small bank have been deposited at Chase. The treasurer will need to write a check in the amount of $1900.00 to open these banks for fall concessions.

Scholar Athlete:
- 80 Scholar Athlete pins will be awarded for winter sports.

Parent Coordinator:
- E-mails will be sent out to remind sports of events they are to cover. The first events will be April 3rd and 4th. We are hosting Division 2 track meets on May 15, 16, 19 and need workers for those events. Basketball points will be tallied and an e-mail will be sent to all liaisons.

- No Report

6. Old Business:

- The Texas Hold ‘Em fundraiser made 1657.00 before expenses. After paying Gordy’s $300.00 and River Club $400.00, the event made $953.00. More money was made this event than last because of Cash tables.
- No update on Constitution and by-laws.
- Banners can be order. Flyers are on the web sites and will also be put in teachers mailboxes to give to seniors.
7. New Business

- Free admission exchange for working concessions. Scott Dorne replied that with the current financial situation this will not be able to happen. We need to make as much money off the ticket gate as possible.

8. Athletic Director’s Report
- The levy passed; so, the board formally stated to OHSAA we will have sports during the school year 2012-13. The three athletic directors have been planning ways to handle the 50% reduction of funds in their budget. The old budget allotted 1.9 million. The new budget presented an $889,000.00 reduction. Some ways this reduction in funds will be made are busing changes to away games, increase in athletic fees, maintenance, and revenue at non-gate events such as baseball and softball. Super booster group district wide to help reduce play to pay fees.
- Lanny asked about having a base of volunteers instead of paying ticket takers, etc. at athletic events. The problem with this is the “background check” that each volunteer would need to have to handle district money.

9. Additional Discussions:
- Executive board meeting immediately following adjournment of regular meeting.

10. Meeting adjourned by Bridget Aiello, second by Duane McDonald

*Executive Board voted to reimburse Gloria and Mike Woods $225.00 from $1000.00 allotted to pay for athletic expenses for their child.

Important Dates:
- April 2, 2012 Booster meeting at 7:00
Spring Physicals Tuesday May 15, 2012