WSHS Athletic Boosters Meeting Minutes

 February 6, 2012

Board Members in Attendance: Cathy Noskowiak, Lanny Ross, Jackie Levakis, Scott Dorne, Marlene Smith, Gloria Wood, Amy Migliore, Sharon Linkhorn, Dena Robinson, Sharon Imondi, and Cathy Siedlak


Board Members not in attendance:  Dena Robinson, Scott Dorne


Liaison in attendance: Joyce Michael, Laura Cheilis, Bridget Aiello, Kimi Dodds, Deb Abner, Lynn Mitchell, Andi Arens, Shelly Roth, D. Davis, Lorna Gerhart, Fred Larkins, Carla Tedeschi, Jimmy Gaul, Brenda McDonald


Additional Attendees: Rick Bannister


Teams not represented:  Girls Golf, Swimming (no signature on sign in sheet)


  1. 1.      Call to order: 
  2. -          Cathy Noskowiak called the meeting to order at 7:00


  1. 2.       Rick Bannister-Our Community Our Schools
  2. -          Shared information about upcoming levy on March 6, 2012
  3. -          He stressed the importance of the passage of this levy and how the cuts that have been made so far and the ones to be made in the future will affect our schools. 
  4. -          He stated this tax issue will bring $211 for each$100,000 of evaluation.
  5. -          He also stated that if the levy passes a ranking system will be used to restore cuts and that extracurricular activities are in phase two.



3.  Reading and approval of minutes:

  1. -          Motion made by Lynn Mitchell with change using Scott Dorne instead of I,  Second by Bridgette Aiello, Passed Unanimously


4.  Reading and approval of treasurer’s report  

  1. -          Motion made by Cathy Seidlak, Second by Carol Thune, Passed Unanimously

 5. Committee



  1. -          Five Guys Burgers and Fries have been added as a fund raising opportunity on March 1, April 5, May 3 and June 7.
  2. -          March 3 is the next Texas Hold ‘Em (Deb Abner will report later during meeting)
  3. -          Researching the possibility of having a reverse raffle in the fall.



  1. -          Need to get names in advance for workers because some people are coming in at the pass gate and saying they are working concessions but they are not.    Scott Dorne will start passing names to Gloria the day of the event.
  2. -          District Track meets on May 15, 16 and 19 will be added for teams to sign up for extra points.



Scholar Athlete:  

  1. -          71 Scholar Athlete pins will be awarded for winter sports.
  2. -          The scholarship committee participants are Cathy Seidlak, Jackie Levakis, Carole Thune, Lynn Mitchell, Sharon Linkhorn, and Mike Migliore.
  3. -          Scholarship applications will be given to the committee soon.  Names and personal information need to be removed from the tops of the forms. 


Parent Coordinator:

  1. -          An updated point report is attached.


  1. -          No Report



6.   Old Business: 


  1. -          The last Texas Hold ‘Em made $1713.00 with a profit of $601.00   Things that need to be changed at the next event are 8 people to a table, shufflers needed for each table, lighting needs to be addressed,  advertisement needs to start sooner. 
  2. -          Another Texas Hold ‘Em is planned for March 3 at Gordy’s.  Flyers will be handed out at the next three home basketball games.  The weekend of February 18th signs will be placed in key locations.  We need volunteers to work the event and donations of chips and desserts.  Also, flyers have been mailed to each liaison.  Please pass this information to your e-mail recipients.  Also, Lynn Mitchell will be making a Facebook page and our current email for more information is 
  3. -          The constitution committee will consist of Lynn Mitchell (Chair), Cathy Seidlak, Mike Migliore, Diane Hildebrand, Lanny Ross.


7.   New Business


  1. -          503 Tax Report has been filed by Mike Migliore.
  2. -          The GEM award applications are available if anyone would like to nominate someone for this award.  They are attached to the agenda.
  3. -          Motion made by Bridget Aiello to pay $200.00 towards a group ad to be placed in the local paper by OCOS.  Second by Marlene Smith, Passed unanimously.
  4. -          Each sports team was asked to provide a student with a letter jacket to be included in a picture for this ad.  The picture will be taken on February 10th at 3:00 PM at Central High School. The contact person for this is Jodi Russell.
  5. -          This year’s graduation banner can be ordered from the company the Boosters used in 2010.  Last years company did not deliver the banner at the quoted price and were approximately $30 more expensive than the previous company for a similar product.  This year’s banner will be $65.00 and can be ordered from  We made the same profit with both companies. 



8.    Athletic Director’s Report

  1. -          Scott Dorne reported that athletics are in round two of the restoration list after the levy passes.  Nothing has been formally discussed at the administration level until after the levy.  Magnet Schools and the IB program have raised money to help with program costs.  Athletic fees will be a higher next year even if the levy passes.  Athletic directors at all high schools have been discussing the possibility of requesting $20,000 from each Athletic Booster organization as a one time help with expenses.   There is not a possibility of some teams remaining and others being cut.  All teams must be discontinued if athletes are allowed to enroll in another school district and continue to play in the sport of their choice.  No new coaching positions will be posted until after the levy.


9.    Additional Discussions:

  1. -          Motion made by Bridgette Aiello to move the March 5, 2012 meeting to March 7, 2012 to occur after the levy vote on March 6, 2012.  Second by Marlene Smith


10.  Adjourned meeting at 9:10.


Additional Information.   Board voted on February 22, 2012 to endorse Issue 10.  This will be published in an OCOS mailer.  Request for vote was made by President Cathy Noskowiak --Vote was 7 yes and 3 no response.   The Board will go on record in support of Issue 10.



Important Dates:

  1. -          March 3, 2012                   Texas Hold Em Tournament at Gordy’s upstairs
  2. -          March 6, 2012                   Go Vote
  3. -          March 7, 2012                   Booster meeting at 7:00
Spring Physicals                      Tuesday May 15, 2012