WSHS Athletic Boosters Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2011

Board Members in Attendance: Cathy Noskowiak, Lanny Ross, Jackie Levakis, Mike Migliore, Scott Dorne, Gloria Wood, Amy Migliore, Sharon Linkhorn, Sharon Imondi, and Cathy Siedlak

Board Members not in attendance: Dena Robinson

Parents in attendance: Joyce Michael, Bridget Aiello, Kimi Dodds, Deb Abner, Lynn Mitchell, Andi Arens, Dave Haney, Rebekah Carlisle, Diane Hildebrand, Shelly Roth, Lorna Gerhart, Anne Larkins, Wendy Lomano

Additional Attendees: Jim Gaul, Michele Calo, Erin Focht

Teams not represented:

1. Call to order: 

- Cathy Noskowiak called the meeting to order at 7:00

- Special presentation by Alan Geho representing Ralph Photo.

2. Reading and approval of minutes:

- Motion made by Lynn Mitchell, Second by Bridget Aiello, Passed Unanimously

3. Reading and approval of treasurer’s report:

- Finalized report will be submitted by e-mail.

4. Committee


- Still need a volunteer to take over fundraising.

- Lanny Ross will be overseeing fundraising for now.


- Preparing to open concession stands for fall athletic events.

Scholar Athlete:

- Scholar Athlete Pins will be ordered by whatever quarter ends during the athlete’s season.

- New Scholar Athlete pin suggestions will be presented at the next meeting. The old pin needs to be updated because of quality.

Parent Coordinator:

- The Fall Draw will be held at the end of the meeting according to the procedure utilized at past draws.

- A point report will be given at each meeting.


- Parents will be able to join the Booster Organization during schedule pick up at the Booster Table. Membership fees are still $20.00 this year. 

5. Old Business: 

- Texas Hold’em committee consisting of Bridget Aiello, Jackie Levakis, Cathy Siedlak, Lynn Mitchell, Deb Abner and Lorna Gerhart will be visiting Gordy’s to report possible dates at the next meeting. Bridget Aiello will confirm dates with the event planner.

- Fundraising Chairperson still needed.

6. New Business

- School store raised approximately $3000.00 and will be open for business in the fall. A supply order needs to be placed for the store.

- Motion: The school store will have a $2000.00 budget to place fall 2011 order.

Motion made by Mike Migliore, Second by Cathy Seidlak, Passed Unanimously

7. Athletic Director’s Report

- The turf is completed in the stadium. The track will by completed by Monday August 8th. Everything in the stadium has to be completed by then to meet the contract deadline. 

- The press box has been delayed for one year.

- The score board in the stadium will probably not be replaced until the Pepsi Contract is renewed.

- The pavers have been delivered and a work order has been placed to get them mounted on the wall at the entrance to the stadium facing the field.

- The company who installed the sign outside the stadium has tried several times to get the graffiti off the sign. They are still trying to get this accomplished.

- Both gym floors were redone this summer.

- There was enough turf left to do the batting cages. This will be done in the future.

- Several options for game passes this year: Student Pass for $45/year; Adult Pass for $75/year; Fantastic Fan Pass $20 for $30 of entry tickets.

- Fall OHSAA mandatory meeting will be held August 9.

- Recommend reviewing Constitution and Bylaws of the Booster organization. This has not been done in several years.

8. Additional Discussions:

- Rest of time was used to conduct the fall draw.

9. Adjourned meeting at 9:15

Important Dates:

- (?) Texas Hold’em 

- August 9 &10 Schedule Pick up

- August 9 Fall OHSAA meeting

- August 17, 2011 First Day of School

- September 12 , 2011 Booster meeting

- Spring Physicals May 15, 2012 

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn Regular meeting at 8:11 P.M.

Motion made by Duane McDonald, Second by Carol Thune, Passed Unanimously