ASL I E Day Lesson 5Feb14

ASL I Sorenson VRS Online Homework                  Name_____________________

Please go to to answer the following questions from your home computer.

 Bring the answers to class on or before Wednesday 2/12.

1.What does the acronym SVRS stand for?

2.What is SVRS?

3.Who is SVRS for?

4.How does SVRS work?

5.How can I find out more about SVRS?

6.Why must I choose a default provider?

7.How much does a video relay call cost? 

8.How is Sorenson VRS funded?

9.What are Sorenson VRS’s hours?

10.Are SVRS calls kept confidential?

11.Can video relay calls be scheduled?

12.What is Voice Carry Over?

13.What three things are needed to use SVRS?

14.Who can a Deaf or H/H individual call using SVRS?

15.Does call waiting exist for videophones?

16.What is SignMail?

17.Can SVRS be used to call someone who speaks Spanish?

18.Can SVRS be used to make a 911 call?

19.What is Enhanced 911 (E911)?

20.What are the six SVRS call options Products?

21.If you are Deaf or H/H you will get a free videophone, if you                                       and have a

      E.C. How do I place a videophone call to a Deaf or H/H individual if I am Deaf or H/H?