eDay Lesson Day 3

Literacy Autobiography – eDay Three
Using the poem you wrote for eDay Two (based on George Ella Lyon’s poem, Where I’m From), create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. (Prezi is a free presentation option that you can find online. Simply go to www.prezi.com, and create an account to use the software.) For this project, you may pull in Google images, digital photographs or music to illustrate your poem. Listed below are the criteria for your presentation.
______ The presentation displays awareness of dispositions related to literacy, especially positive practices
and values.
  • Reflections on literacy history: e.g. positive and negative experiences in writing in school and out
  • Reflections on preferences in reading (favorite materials or authors) and writing (favorite audiences, purposes, products)
  • Reflections on skills and goals: e.g. strengths, weaknesses and coping strategies
  • Reflections on speaking/listening preferences and skills,includehistory as a speaker, strengths/weaknesses as speaker and listener, strategies for effective formal and informal speaking/listening
  • Reflections on use of media, includefavorite movies/TV shows/ websites, beliefs about appropriate use of media, skills in communicating effectively through visual media, such as You-Tube videos and PowerPoint presentations
  • Reflections on vocabulary/word usage, include process/strategies for learning new words, as well as favorite words/word games