eDay Lesson Day 1

Literacy Autobiography – eDay One
This assignment will help you reflect on your life as a reader and writer, the paths you’ve taken on your journey to becoming literate. Your journey has led you to where you are today, which will affect where you go as a student. This is a chance to reflect about what reading and writing meant to you while you were growing up, what reading and writing means to you today and what you hope reading and writing will mean to you in the future. It is an opportunity for you to recall and record the experiences that have shaped your relationship with, and attitudes and feelings toward, reading and writing. Hopefully, this process will help shape and define your literacy journey.
Answer ALL of the following prompts to start thinking about your literacy experiences.
What are your earliest reading/writing memories?
Do you have any particularly strong memories of reading/writing that stand out?
How did you feel about reading/writing growing up?
How has reading/writing influenced/affected your life?
Has anyone in particular had a strong influence on your reading/writing life?
Do you have any favorite books from your childhood? What is it?
How do you currently feel about reading/writing?
What is your current relationship with books, the written word?
What part does reading/writing play in your life today?
Do you have favorite genres/authors/formats to read and/or write? List them.
Do you have any reading/writing goals, hopes or dreams for yourself?
Where would you like to travel on your reading/writing journey?
What new literacy paths might you like to explore?
Each person’s reading/writing journey is unique. Perhaps you absolutely hate to read. Perhaps you struggle to write. Perhaps you are a voracious reader. Perhaps you love writing poetry. Your literacy journey is your own. Your experiences, attitudes, feelings and thoughts are all welcome. Hopefully, the process of recalling and recording your experiences and feelings will give you insight into your life as a reader and as a writer.