Mark Twain Media Center

Welcome to Mark Twain's Media Center.  Mrs. Todd, Media Specialist is at Mark Twain on C Day afternoons, D, E, and F Days.  Mrs. Dorne, Media Clerk is at the Media Center A, and B Days as well as C Day mornings.


Check the schedule below to see what day your student comes to the Media Center with their class.  All students have access to the Media Center on a daily basis for checkout and book return.

Media Schedule

A Day Hynes 3rd   Louden 1st

B Day Mantenieks 5th, Cumming 2nd Theiss 2nd

C Day Lee 4th  Strain 1st  Weeks 2nd

D Day Burkhart 3rd  McCoy 4th  Foley 1st

E Day Seabury 5th  Maselli 4th  Baldrick 1st

F Day Henricksen 5th Krempasky 3rd Bichsel 3rd  Glaser 4th  Martin 2nd