PE from home 3/30 - 4/3




Grade:  K   1   2   3   4   5 


     Huber Ridge PE - Healthy Hearts from Mr. Ahern     


           Directions:  From March 30 - April 3, check off the activities that you have completed.


____Do 25 squats

____Roller blade 10 minutes

____Go jogging for 5 minutes

____Give someone a hug

____Play a tag game for 15 minutes

____Make 20 basketball shots

____Shoot a basketball 15 minutes

____Go roller skating 20 minutes

____Play catch with someone

____Do 20 curl ups/sit ups

____Eat a piece of fruit everyday for a week

____Practice juggling 10 minutes

____Run as fast as you can 50 feet, 5 times

____Walk like a crab 20 feet, 3 times

____Play baseball/softball with a friend

____Ride your bike for 20 minutes

____Read a story before bed

____Play in the yard 30 minutes

____Hop on one foot then the other 20 times

____Eat breakfast each day for a week

____Do 5 push ups, 5 times

____Play football catch with a friend

____Play a board game with your family

____Your choice: