Composer and Artists Report Rubric
Grading Rubric

     Students are graded based upon the information within their report and their presentation skills.

     Checklist for information:

     ___  Name of composer, musical artist, or group

     ___  Date and place of birth for composer, musical artist, or group

     ___  Where composer, musical artist, or group members resided most of their lives

     ___  Type of music

     ___  Date, place, reason for death

     ___  Song example explanation( Extra Credit)

     ___  Further information found (Extra Credit)

     Presentation skills:

     ___  Student was easily understood.

     ___  Student voice was loud enough to be heard

     ___  Student spoke in an even manner, not too fast or with hesitation.

     ___  Student added a visual display with a poster or powerpoint.