Composers and Artists Report Outline

     This project allows students to share their interests in music with others in class and gives them an opportunity to hear about the varied musical styles of today and throughout history, or to share a musical talent of their own.

     I am screening any video or audio parts of the presentations.  Songs with words must be brought in to me a week prior to their presentation date with a copy of all lyrics.  Students may bring in CD's or other formats, but I cannot use YouTube or artist websites at school.


     Reports on ARTISTS AND COMPOSERS need to contain the following information:

               1.  Name of (all members) of the group or  music artist or composer?
               2.  Date and place of birth?
               3. Where they spent most of their lives (which city or which country)?
               4.  Who were their teachers or major influences?
               5.  What kind of music is it?
               6. What do they write about in the song example?
               7.  Further information you find out that is important to telling about the person
               8. When/where/how did they die?

     Reports on STUDENT'S OWN TALENT need to contain the following information:
               1.  Your name
               2.  Date and place of birth
               3.  Where you ahve spent most of your life (which city or which country)
               4.  Who were your teachers or major influences to help you get better?
               5.  What will you be doing to get better?
               6.  Further information can be added about your life that is important to telling about you


               1.  All reports must be written or neatly typed--double spaced-- one to two pages.
               2.  You must have a COVER PAGE with your topic centered on the page and your name in the
                     bottom right corner.
               3.  Presentation time is 8 minutes, which includes playing a musical example.
               4.  ALL musical examples with words must be given to Ms. Levine for approval one week ahead.
                    before your presentation date......I need a copy of ALL THE WORDS!!
                         5.  Musical examples and posters are EXTRA CREDIT, all students must hand in a 1-2 page paper
                    with a cover page.