Black History Month

During February 2019, students from Genoa’s Black History Month Club helped to create a playlist of significant African American contributors to music for airing each day over the announcements.  With the help of the Student Council, each seminar class created a piece of a large mural that highlighted important figures in Black History.  Our art teachers made a bulletin board of African American artists in the entryway.  Students themed this year’s celebration Be the Light, based on a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Spirit Week was planned around this theme.  Genoa pupils also participated in the first annual Black History Month and Cultural Celebration program on Wednesday evening, February 27. 

 For the 2019-20 school year, our planning will begin in November to work on fulfilling the vision of the first planners of BHM at GMS.  We have a lot of great ideas that we'd like to see come to reality, and we hope more students can join in to help make it happen.  Please listen for announcements for upcoming meetings.  See Mrs. Thompson if you have any questions.