Career Center Programming

Coordinator Career Tech & College Readiness
Anne Baldwin
Coordinator, Career Tech & College Readiness


Career Center Programming

Under a cooperative program with Columbus Public Schools and Delaware Area Career Centers, Westerville students may take Career-Technical courses taught at career centers located nearby in Columbus and Delaware. In these courses, students learn skills so they can enter a job immediately after high school or continue in college. Students learn by practical, active experiences, similar to those found on the job, as well as by studying classroom theory.

Bus transportation is provided. The buses leave from Westerville North, South and Central High School, Central College Magnet School, Annehurst Elementary School, and Glengary Shopping Center. Students riding the career center bus will need to provide their own transportation to these pick-up points. 

Most programs are two-year courses, taken during the 11th and /or 12th grades. Each course meets 3 hours daily and is valued at 3.0 credits a year. Senior-only programs are available to students in 12th grade.

Interested students need to take as many required subjects as possible during the 9th and 10th grades to have time available for these programs during the 11th and 12th grades. It is necessary to submit an application and to be accepted for all programs. Students apply for two-year programs in December-February of the 10th grade. Selection is generally based on high interest and good attendance.

Discover what programs and opportunities each career center has to offer by visiting the links on the right.  


Current Career Center Students



New School Year Information:  Each career center will send communication home regarding the start of the new school year.  Find copies of that information via the links on the right side of this page.


Yearly Schedule: Career Center students MUST ATTEND either Columbus, Delaware, and/or your Westerville High School when it is in session - even if the other system has a day off.  See the links to the right for copies of the school calendars for Columbus City Schools and Delaware Area Career Centers.

Absence from Career Center:  If you are to be absent from your Career Center for any reason (even missing the bus), you are required to call the Career Center for each day of absence.  Here are the phone numbers:

  • Columbus students: Contact your teacher directly

    • Fort Hayes                 614-365-6681                           

    • Downtown                  614-365-2283        

  • Delaware students: Contact DACC Attendance Office

    • DACC-North              740-363-1993 Ext. 2268              

    • DACC-South              740-548-0708 Ext. 3211             

Bus Schedules for Career Centers:  Be sure to complete this Career Center Transportation Request for the 19-20 school year!   Students who attend Columbus Career Centers in the morning will need to have their own transportation to a pick-up point. Delaware Career Center students can ride their neighborhood bus to their home high school in the morning and then transfer to the Career Center bus.  Find additional bussing information on WCS's Transportation page. 


Career Center Questions?  Contact your building's Career Center Liaison:

  • WNHS - Dr. Biederman, 614-797-6218 or

  • WCHS - Mrs. Ackermann, 614-797-6831 or 

  • WSHS - Mr. Ferguson, 614-797-6022 or