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Health Heroes Vaccination Clinic

Health Heroes
Health Heroes

Westerville City Schools to Offer Flu Vaccination (Injection Only) Clinics for Students

The Westerville City School District is partnering with Health Heroes, Inc. to offer flu vaccination clinics again this year for any student enrolled in the District. The district piloted the Flu Immunization program for the State of Ohio in 2014. The Westerville City School District will continue to participate in “Health Heroes” flu clinics - administering only the preservative-free, recommended IIV flu vaccine injection. Parents are welcome to be with their child when receiving the vaccination, but a parent/guardian being present is not required.

The vaccination clinics will be in each of our schools on either November 12 or 13, 2019. Please confirm the date with your child's building one week prior to the event.    

Students with private insurance or Medicaid will be provided the vaccine with no out of pocket expenses or deductibles, but parents must complete a consent form and submit it to the school. Student participation is voluntary. Qualifying uninsured students will be given the vaccine, free of charge. Additional details, on this year’s Health Heroes flu clinics were provided to families in Back to School materials.