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Kurt Yancey
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Westerville North is a school where we do what we love, love what we do, and deliver more than is expected. We truly believe in the words inscribed above our front doors that say the finest students and staff in the world pass through these doors. Most important of all is our commitment to accomplishing our mission of ensuring learning by effectively engaging every student, every day but we know we can not accomplish this without everyone focusing on living by the Warrior Way:
A Warrior is someone who...
  • respects himself/herself,
  • respects fellow students,
  • respects his/her school,
  • respects his/her family, and
  • respects his/her community.
I encourage all students, staff, parents, and community members of our learning community, as well as our visitors, to continually ask yourselves if you are living your life the Warrior Way. Success will continue to grow in Warrior Country if we all dedicate ourselves to these ideals.

Let's make the 2019-2020 school year the best yet! GO WARRIORS!
Kurt J. Yancey

Go Warriors!

The mission of Westerville North is to ensure learning by effectively engaging every student, every day

The Westerville North Vision Statement was a document created during multiple meetings with our stakeholders about the commitments each of us must make to ensure our success                



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