WSMS Safety Update 2.21.20

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Dear Walnut Springs Middle School Families:

The purpose of this message is to ensure that you receive first-hand details about a situation that, given its nature, has the potential to generate rumors and misinformation.

This morning, we became aware of a rumor circulating among students that “somebody” was planning to bring a knife to school today and harm others. As a precaution, we’ve involved law enforcement and held students in their first period classes to investigate. Afterwards, we implemented a controlled class change so students could continue with their day.

At this time, we’ve not determined that there is any validity to these comments. We are still working to determine the origin and any individuals involved in initiating and spreading this message. Needless to say, anyone found responsible or involved in perpetuating this rumor will face the appropriate disciplinary measures.

I want to thank the students who came forward to bring this situation to our attention. Students must feel comfortable speaking to any trusted adult about such matters if we are to maintain a safe, orderly learning environment in our school. Please take a moment to reinforce to your child the importance of sharing such information with our school staff, even if they believe it to be nothing more than a rumor.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Becca Yanni