Middle School Students Advance to National History Day Statewide Competition

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A number of Westerville middle school students participated in the District 6 History Day Competition on March 12 at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio.  Research and projects were created following the theme, “Exploration, Exchange, Encounter.”  Moving on to the state competition April 30 at Ohio Wesleyan are, according to information provided by the buildings:

Genoa Middle School

  • Ema Rennie, Junior Paper, Nellie Bly, Deanna McDaniel, teacher
  • Haden Fulkerson, Junior Individual Documentary, Miyamoto Mushashi, Caley Nestor-Baker, Deanna McDaniel, teachers
  • Emma Snyder, Dilara Sen, Laura Wolfe, Junior Group Documentary, Nikola Tesla:  Life and Legacy, Caley Nestor-Baker, Deanna McDaniel, teachers
  • Ally Okonak, Olivia Schmitt, Junior Group Documentary, Recreating Extinct Species of Animals, Caley Nestor-Baker, Deanna McDaniel, teachers
  • Kyra Lesmerises, Junior Individual Website, Viola Liuzzo, Lisa Lunn, Deanna McDaniel, teachers
  • James Glaser, Junior Individual Exhibit, Apollo Missions, Caley Nestor-Baker, Deanna McDaniel, teachers
  • Heath Benton, Junior Individual Exhibit, The Wright Brothers, Lisa Lunn, Deanna McDaniel, teachers
  • Caitlyn Campagna, Amelia Wares, Junior Group Exhibit, Human Genome Project, Lisa Lunn, Deanna McDaniel, teachers
  • Nicholas Shoaf, Junior Individual Website, Alcatraz, Lisa Lunn, Deanna McDaniel, teachers

Heritage Middle School

Advancing to the state competition is:

  • Colin Brame, grade 7, Joseph Lister and the Exploration of Microbiology in Surgery, Jacob A. Thuman, teacher 

Walnut Springs Middle School

More than 80 students at Walnut Springs Middle School participated in the research and development of National History Day projects under the direction of Pat Shirtzinger (grade 7), Tammy Saltzmann (grade 7), Jeffrey Holmes (grade 6) and Jean Trimble.  In all, 16 pupils continued on to the District National History Day contest, six of whom medaled and qualified to compete at the State level:

  • Matthew Schirtzinger, grade 6, Joseph Priestley:  Father of Phlogiston, junior exhibit
  • Michael Fisher Howe, grade 6, The Treaty of Greenville, junior website
  • Abigail Cumming-Vukovic and Alaina Uscio, grade 6, Area 51:  Exploration of Conspiracy Theories, junior group website
  • Emily Voneman, grade 7, Jacque Cousteau:  A Resident of the Sea, junior exhibit
  • Antonia Mapes, grade 7, Frederic Putnam:  Excavating the Serpent Mound, junior exhibit.