Beaver Dam Comes to Life at Wilder Elementary School

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Teacher Ty Angle poses for a selfie with his “kits.”  Bottom Right:  A baby beaver, or kit, observes the dam they built to stop the running water from “Stream Wilder.”




The sound of the running water from Stream Wilder was unbearable for a large beaver colony headed by teacher Ty Angle, so he and his “kits” did what all beavers do – they built a dam.  Now that they have created a “wetland,” they are ready to build their lodge.  Baby beavers, called kits or kittens, are usually born in litters of two to five animals.  They remain in the lodge for the first month of life, and then stay with their parents in a family group for two years.

Angle’s second grade science class completed this creative teaching exercise at Wilder Elementary School on Friday, October 12, much to the amusement of neighbors.