Family Feedback about Career Advising Policy Requested

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Ohio law requires all school districts to adopt a local policy on career advising by the 2015-16 school year. Through career advising, students gain an understanding of how their interests and strengths connect to their academic and career goals.  They also begin to understand how their personal interests, strengths and values might predict satisfaction and success in school and related career fields.

Westerville’s goal as a school district is to offer students a comprehensive menu of resources and support that they can use to discover their interests and explore academic and career pathway options through classroom instruction, career-related learning experiences, and consistent counseling and advising.

Westerville City Schools will base its career advising policy on a model policy provided by the Ohio Department of Education.  However, they want to ensure that they are meeting the unique needs of students and families.  Therefore, families are asked to take a few moments to complete the survey below and provide the district with important feedback on what this policy in action may look like in Westerville City Schools.

Please visit the brief Career Advising Survey online at or scan the QR code above.