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Tyson Hilkert

Huber Ridge Families,

The next several weeks will be busy at Huber Ridge Elementary.  Our teachers engage in COTA Day on 10/16/20 resulting in no instruction for any students, we hold our fall celebrations, 3rd grade students participate in the first administration of the Ohio State Tests, and all of our grade levels hold parent teacher conferences.  The purpose of this communication is to inform families of all of these upcoming activities.

On Friday, October 16th no student regardless of cohort will have school.  All students in Cohorts A, B, C, and in the WVA will not have assignments posted for that day.  Our teachers will spend the day engaging in professional development activities.  A complete list of our school calendar can be found here and describes the entire school calendar for the remainder of the year.

One event our students always look forward to is our fall celebrations.  On this day students are permitted to wear their costumes to school.  Student's costumes should be appropriate for children 12 and under and avoid attire that includes “gore” or items that might be a bit too spooky for our youngest students.  Appropriate face coverings as required for limiting the spread of the Coronavirus should still be worn during the entirety of this day.  Costume related masks should be left in the child’s book bag.  Students in Cohort A are permitted to wear costumes on 10/23/20.  Students in Cohort B are permitted to wear costumes on 10/28/20.  Students in Cohort C should follow the direction of their intervention specialist to determine the most appropriate date/s to participate.  

Students in 3rd grade in both Blended Learning and the WVA are invited to participate in our Ohio State Testing.  Students in Cohort A will take this assessment on 10/22/20 and 10/23/20.  Students in Cohort B will take this assessment on 10/26/20 and 10/27/20.  Students in Cohort C will take this test at the direction of their intervention specialist and students in the WVA will receive additional information of when the assessment will be completed.  3rd grade families should look for more information on this topic soon.

The last event of the month is parent teacher conferences.  Parent Teacher Conferences will be scheduled during the evening of 10/28/20 and during the day on 10/29/20.  To schedule these conferences please talk to your child’s teacher.  There will be no school or virtual instruction for students on 10/29/20 and 10/30/20.  Also during conferences our PTA will be hosting a “Virtual Conversation with School Leadership”.  During this time families will have the opportunity to ask school administration and other Huber Ridge Elementary leaders questions about school operation and instruction.  These events will be held from 7-7:45pm on 10/28/20 and again from 1-1:45pm on 10/29/20.  Please be on the look for virtual links to participate in these conversations.

We appreciate your time in participating in the above activities.  At Huber we have been so impressed with the overall engagement of not just our students but our families.  Your continued dedication to your child’s education is sincerely appreciated by all of us and will serve your child’s academic development well.


Take care Rockets,


Mr. Hilkert

Tyson D. Hilkert


Huber Ridge Elementary

Westerville City Schools




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