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Tyson Hilkert

Huber Ridge Families,

It is with great excitement I welcome you to the 2017-2018 School Year.  This time of year is always enjoyable for me having the students back in the building, getting to know new people, and preparing for the year long journey we are all about to embark on together.  This summer Westerville City Schools has spent a great deal of time and energy preparing for the upcoming school year.  As we get ready to start the school year, please make sure you are preparing your child for an appropriate bedtime routine and involving them in structured tasks throughout the day to help ease their transition into the school year.    

One of the changes within Westerville City Schools includes an implementation of a new math program in grades K-5.  This program aims to support each child to develop their math skills.  During the academic day your child will benefit from a blend of direct instruction coupled with structured investigation.  As the year starts your child’s teacher will be sharing more resources and details about the learning experiences you can expect for your child.

At Huber Ridge we have undergone a few changes in the main office.  New to the main office will be Assistant Principal A.J. Hoffman and Secretary Patty Blanchong.  Both Patty and A.J. are valuable additions to the Huber Ridge Staff and will provide great support to our building in their respective roles.  Feel free to introduce yourself to Patty and A.J. throughout the month of August.  

One area in our building we are always trying to improve upon is maximizing instructional time.  To do this we are updating some of our breakfast procedures to have children in the classroom quicker with full bellies and ready to learn.  If your child is a walker or a car rider, and is going to eat breakfast, we are asking that your child arrives to school between 8:30-8:45 and enters the main door of the school.  Assuring your walker/car rider arrives by 8:45 will ensure the child has eaten their breakfast and has arrived to the classroom by the beginning of the academic day.  We ask that students do not arrive any earlier than 8:25 as we cannot provide adequate supervision before that time.

Another area that we would like to address as a building is the use of various “fidgets”.  Fidgets have proven to be successful tools in the classroom to help children with a variety of sensory and attention needs.  However many times the line is crossed and the fidget becomes a toy, shared amongst peers, and a distraction from class.  I am asking that should your child benefit from the use of a fidget to please have an individual conversation with their classroom teacher and/or intervention specialist.  Fidget spinner toys will only be permitted with prior approval of the building’s administration.  Please leave fidget spinner toys at home.

In advance, I appreciate your cooperation in ensuring each child at Huber Ridge has an opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Tyson D. Hilkert, Principal


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