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Tyson Hilkert

Huber Ridge Families,

As you know, Huber Ridge embraces a fabulous learning atmosphere that supports our students on many levels.  Our staff has been working tirelessly to prepare great instruction for the upcoming school year. If you are a first time family or have sent many children to Huber Ridge Elementary please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, office staff, or school faculty with any questions you may have.

This school year we will not only have new students joining us but some new educators as well.  Mrs. Roshonda Elder will be joining us as our new Assistant Principal and will be here to help support our students/building in many different aspects.  We have also been fortunate enough to gain Mrs. Morgan Shawver (formerly Ms. Lundquist) as our half day kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Natalie Miller as our new 1st grade teacher, and Ms. Maria Morgan as our new 2nd grade teacher.  Also, we have also secured Ms. Kaylee Reese as our new intervention specialist serving our special education population here at Huber Ridge. Finally, Mrs. Erin Lanka has transitioned out of her role as a first grade teacher and now will be serving students teaching reading in grades K-3.  Please join me and welcoming these great educators to their new roles!

Additionally, will be adding a new instructional period for our students.  Each student comes to us with different strengths and skill sets. As a result, we have worked hard to develop the most appropriate intervention and enrichment activities.  Beginning after Labor Day you may hear your child discuss having a “different teacher” for approximately 30 minutes. For a small part of our instructional day students will be shuffled amongst their grade level peers to various instructional groups.  These groups will be skill driven with the goal of meeting the student at their unique instructional level. If you have more questions about this instructional period feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher, Mrs. Robertson, or myself.

Should you have additional questions please feel to call the school at 614-797-7150 or email at


A few reminders for the 2019-2020 school year…


  • Breakfast

    • If your child is a walker or a car rider, and is going to eat breakfast, we are asking that your child arrives to school between 8:30-8:45 and enters the main door of the school.  Assuring your walker/car rider arrives by 8:45 will ensure the child has eaten their breakfast and has arrived to the classroom by the beginning of the academic day. We ask that students do not arrive any earlier than 8:25 as we cannot provide adequate supervision before that time.  Students are permitted to their classrooms beginning at 8:50 with the tardy bell ringing at 9:05.

  • Fidgets

    • Fidgets have proven to be successful tools in the classroom to help children with a variety of sensory and attention needs.  However many times the line is crossed and the fidget becomes a toy, shared amongst peers, and a distraction from class. I am asking that should your child benefit from the use of a fidget to please have an individual conversation with their classroom teacher and/or intervention specialist.  Fidget spinner toys will only be permitted with prior approval of the building’s administration. Please leave fidget spinner toys at home.

  • Birthdays

    • While we recognize that our children love to celebrate special events such as birthdays with their peers and teachers, we also recognize that we have a tremendous opportunity to promote healthy behaviors and to show students how to enjoy special moments such as birthdays without making food the focus of our celebrations. Please note that any food-item sent to school will not be opened or distributed and will be returned home with the child.  Below are our school’s approved choices for alternatives to food treats...

      • Distributed small tokens such as stickers, birthday pencils, or pencil toppers to the class.

      • Provide an autograph book or tee shirt for your child that classmates can sign.

      •  Donate a book to your child’s classroom or to our school library

      • Donate an indoor recess game to your child’s classroom.     

    • We will continue to have school wide celebrations such as the Fall Party, Winter Party and Valentine Party, at which we will continue to share nutritious snacks and will allow classrooms to share some treats while being sensitive to food allergies.

  • Attendance

    • Our tardy bell rings each day at 9:05.  Please plan on dropping your child off ats school no later than 9am to be sure they have enough time to arrive to their classroom.  If your child will be eating breakfast they should arrive to school no later than 8:45am. Our dismissal bell rings each day at 3:30.  Should the need for an absence arise please call 614-797-7164 or the main office at Huber Ridge.


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