Yoga Calms Young Minds and Bodies at Huber Ridge Elementary School

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A fourth grade student teaches his classmates a pose.




Some students at Huber Ridge Elementary have been participating in yoga/mindfulness sessions for the past 12 weeks, led by Lauren Greenspan from the Youth Yoga Project.  The Columbus Medical Association Foundation provided funding.  The children have learned mindfulness techniques and relaxation strategies they can use in the classroom to help them utilize self-regulation skills and maintain a calm, focused demeanor.  

During their last session on December 14, in an effort to celebrate all they have learned, youngsters taught the class, along with utilizing different techniques they have been learning over the past several weeks.  They led a class of peers who have not taken the course, in an effort to pass along the tools they learned to help them be successful in school.  Pupils feel this has been beneficial to them, saying things like, “