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Huber Ridge Named a High Progress School of Honor!

Huber Ridge is one of only 37 schools in the entire state that has just been named a High Progress School of Honor for the 2013-2014 School Year.  This award is for Title I eligible schools that are in the top 10% for gains in achievement, an Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) of C or higher, and must have met or exceeded Value Added Expectations on the Ohio Department of Education School Report Card for that last three years!  This is a tremendous honor for Huber and it could not have been done without the tremendous work of the entire staff and all students! 

Third Grade Reading Guarantee Questions???

Do you have a student in grades K-3 and are wondering about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee?  Then click on this link for more information!  The Third Grade Reading Guarantee is legislation that requires all K-3 students to be assessed by September 30th of each year to determine if they are 'On Track' or 'Off Track' to pass the Third Grade Reading OAA.  Huber Ridge parents were notified in Early October if their child was designated as 'Off Track' and a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan (RIMP) was developed during conferences and are updated quarterly. Previous to this law being enacted, ALL Huber Ridge students who did not meet benchmark scores on assessments were provided intervention and extra help in class.   Huber Ridge is working hard to ensure academic success for all students!



Morning Drop Off & Evening Pick Up

Where the three handicapped parking spots were previously located is now a walking only zone for students.  Please do not park in that area.  The handicapped spots were moved to where the visitor spots were previously located.  The parking lot door nearest Buenos Aires is drop off for all K-3 students and those students eating breakfast.  Please pull up to the far sign to begin drop off and do not drop students off before the first sign.  The second parking lot set of doors is drop off for 4th-5th graders only.  Please pull up to the far sign to drop students off and do not drop any students off before the first sign.  While all students can be dropped off at the first set of doors, ONLY 4th and 5th Graders can be dropped off at the far doors.

Please be careful entering and exiting the school drive and be aware of the crossing guards and students crossing the driveway walking to school.

Students are NOT supervised prior to 8:45.  Please do not drop your child off before 8:45 as the school is not liable for any injuries or personal loss.  Students who eat breakfast at school should come in as soon as they are dropped off, all other students need to form lines outside their entrance door.


Please remember to drive slowly and cautiously, and to be especially vigilant when students are entering and leaving the building. We respectfully ask that you observe and obey the three prominently posted “No Stopping – Bus Loading” signs located right in front of Huber Ridge on Buenos Aires Blvd.  

We recognize that Buenos Aires Blvd. is narrow and often times congested, which is challenging for drivers of cars and especially challenging for drivers of school buses. Please be patient and do not park in the bus lane or in front of the fire hydrant, which is illegal. 
If you are driving your child to school, please be sure to drive up in to the Huber Ridge parking lot and STOP, DROP, and GO. This will help with traffic flow and provide a safer setting for students. Please have your child sit on the passenger side so he/she can quickly exit your vehicle right on to the sidewalk. Also, please be sure pull up all the way past the front doors along the sidewalk so several cars can be dropping off children at the same time.   

Recycling At Huber Ridge
Help Huber Ridge reach our goal of recycling 2 tons of paper products every month. 
Click here for more information.  You can recycle your paper products from home in the Huber Ridge green/yellow recycling containers located in the parking lot and help Huber Ridge earn money at the same time.

Parent / Student Handbook
For an electronic copy of the Parent / Student Handbook, please click on the Links/Downloads icon on the Huber Ridge web site.

School Fees
Please be sure to pay your child's school fees.  Payment plans are available; just contact the office.  If you child's school fees are not paid in full, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the end of the year field day event. 

What is the the OhioPIRC?  The OhioPIRC is a resource center created to help parents get involved with their children's education. 
Click here for a description of what OhioPIRC is about and click here for the 10 Frequently Asked Questions regarding OhioPIRC.  


Attendance Line
The Huber Ridge attendance line is open 24/7.  Please call 797-7164 to report your child absent.  In your message, please be sure to state the following:
1. Your child's name
2. Your name and relationship to your child (mom, dad, grandma, etc...)
3. Reason why your child is absent
*When you child returns to school, you must a send in a written excuse.  If you took your child to a doctor, please obtain a doctor's excuse.  

Achievement Records for Parents/Students
You can access your child's achievement record at the end of each quarter via your ParentPortal through PowerSchool.  If you would like to have a paper copy of your child's achievement record, you must contact your child's teacher/school office.  If you lost or forgot your ParentPortal access code, please feel free to call the school office.

Do not worry if your child does not receive an interim.  Interim reports are sent home on an as needed basis determined by your child's teacher(s).