Feedback Sought for Westerville City Schools’ 2016-2017 Calendar

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The Westerville City Schools Board of Education is seeking feedback from families regarding the proposed 2016-2017 calendar.  The calendar, as it was presented in a first reading to the Board on October 12, can be viewed by visiting, and clicking on the box marked “2016-2017 Calendar Review & Feedback.”

This proposed calendar has been developed based upon staff feedback and community feedback on previous calendars.  The Board is anticipated to hold its second reading on this calendar during its November 23 regular meeting to meet the state requirement of a 30-day window between a public hearing of the proposed calendar and its final approval.

Key points to the proposed calendar include:

  • The calendar begins the school year during the third full week of August rather than the second full week of August, as has been past practice.
  • Despite starting the school year a week later than prior calendars, the second semester still ends the week prior to the Memorial Day holiday.
  • The calendar has spring break scheduled during the last week of March.
  • This calendar exceeds the minimum number of school year hours required by the state and includes time to address calamity days or other unforeseen events that may impact the days that school is in session:
    • All-Day Kindergarten (ADK) and grades 1-6 must have 910 hours.
      • WCSD grades ADK-5 have 1,021 hours; leaves 111 hours for calamity time
      • WCSD grade 6 has 1,126 hours; leaves 216 hours for calamity time
    • Grades 7-12 must have 1,001 hours
      • WCSD grades 7-8 have 1,126 hours; leaves 125 for calamity time
      • WCSD grades 9-12 have 1,066 hours; leaves 65 hours for calamity time
    • Half-Day Kindergarten must have 455 hours
      • WCSD Half-Day Kindergarten has 465 hours; leaves 10 hours for calamity time