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Mr. Chris Kuhn
Director of Bands
Heritage Middle School
Westerville City Schools

PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING. Your exercise should open in a new tab, and you can refer back to these instructions as much as needed.

Step 1: Select the appropriate exercise for your grade and instrument
6th Grade


Step 2: Complete 50 notes. Your grade will be the percentage correct. You may reset your score and start over as many times as you would like, it will just take you more time to complete the assignment.  If you need help figuring out the answer, please use a different resource, such as your band book.
Step 3:  Create your progress report.  When you are finished, click on "view report" that's located right below your score.  On the progress report, there is a place to enter the student's name.  Please use first and last names!  Then click on the Sign Report button.

PictureStep 4:  Turn in your progress report. You have two options for turning in your assignment:

  1. Post to Schoology
  2. Send an email
  • Post to Schoology: After copying your verification code, click on “note identification score codes.” Post your verification code into your comment box & click post.
  • Email:  You can copy the verification code (shown here) and paste it into an email to Mr. Kuhn ( Please make sure you include your name in the email, in case something goes wrong and I need to know who it is from.
  • DUE DATE: Anytime between now & Monday, April 6
  • This is a 50 pt. assignment!



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